log pile envy

Who can't resist a good log pile! This beauty belongs to our neighbour in Spain, carefully stacked in the summer ready for the cold winter winds that sweep down off the mountains. It was the inspiration for a new design that I have just got around to printing. If I can only decide on colours I should have some loggy cushions ready for Christmas shopping. It makes its first appearance on the reverse of a super sized roddy stocking (small people told me that my bird stockings were just not big enough!) Plenty of room in this one for the longer wish-list. Available in my etsy store and online shop . All orders will come complete with a hand printed gift card!


  1. Inspiration comes in many forms! :) I love the new print!

  2. I can't resist! My husband obsessively stacks our logs (and won't let me even try to do it..I'd do it wrong!) The stockings are so lovely too.

  3. I love the new logpile print! x

  4. These are just lovely and what a great print. Think I might be seeing you soon at Cubbyhole Kids Christmas Fair? I'm worried I might spend more than I'll earn! Gorgeous stuff.



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