stir up sunday

Today is Stir-up Sunday, the traditional day to make the Christmas pudding. I looked out our family recipe, carefully written out by my mum when she was nine years old, she is still using it today, making them in batches which lurk at the back of the kitchen cupboard from year to year. The recipe says boil for 5 or 6 hours!! Fast food compared to the recipe in this 1960's McDougalls recipe booklet, boil for 10 hours - blimey! The tea towels and aprons in kids and adult size available in my etsy store and online shop


  1. We have that lovely McDougalls receipe book too! Lovely illustrations and typography.
    Me and sister now have the family honour of making the puddings which we did last weekend - our recipe says 8 hours of steaming for a large family pudding! Luckily my Nan's 1930s steamer still works!!

  2. Crikey! Your mum sure had great handwriting for a 9 year-old!

  3. Hi,
    I read you regularly, I like your taste, your colours... That's why I put you on my blog list.
    I hope it doesn't bother you.
    Best regards

  4. hi lou, thank-you for your message, not bothered - delighted! x

  5. We do that too... well my sister does round at her proper country cottage, and all the kids have a stir to the sounds of Salisbury choir carols (and all the grown-ups have a few swigs of Harveys Bristol Cream)

    Love the cover and illustrations of that cookery book!



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