my favourite word

I am accumulating enough typewriters to start a Mad Men style typing pool. When I saw this one in the local flea market one voice said 'not another one' and another voice said 'prop' so I bought it. It's my favourite teal colour, comes with a plastic carrying case and has the Design Centre seal of approval, what else could I do? One of my other models has a small part in the publicity material for the new Sanderson vintage wallpaper range. Over the course of a three day shoot last year our walls were papered with a series of very strident patterns from the range. I was quite glad when it was all returned to Brilliant White!


  1. Oh wow! I can totally see why you had to buy it! I love, love, love that colour.

  2. That is a beautiful piece of kit. Good find! Loving the Sanderson collection too, just trying to fathom where we could possibly paper...



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