hunting for shelves

Fixed shelves in our house are a bit of a problem as they would have to be dismantled when we have photo shoots. Meanwhile, books are piling up on the floor and I have to stop myself from going into charity shops in case I buy more stuff (this is really hard!) So I am on the look out for a movable set. These step ladder shelves, spotted on darling clementine would be perfect. I think Ikea once did a set in paintable wood but I haven't seen them there for a while. I have tracked some down at Marks & Spencer but they look a bit chunky. Any ideas? The lovely seafaring blanket is from here.


  1. I have been looking for the very same thing! The ones from Ikea are called Rexbo and sadly no longer made - the nearest alternative is this one: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/90114752

    Despite being 10x the price I prefer the M&S one!

  2. Have a look for LERBERG shelving in Ikea. Its white,freestanding (but metal) and its only 17.99. We have a few and they have lasted for ages even though they have been moved many times!



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