tea time

When we are in Spain tea is always served in these cast iron Japanese teapots and I have been looking for one for a while now. I finally found it in Wing Yip the fantastically massive Chinese supermarket that brings a hunk of the far east to lovely Croydon! At the moment it is festooned with paper lanterns and decorations ready for the Chinese new year and makes a refreshing anitdote to a trip to nearby Ikea!  I really love looking at the packaging and pots, and I particularly like their bright yellow shoppers. I bought the teapot as a birthday present for my sister - but it is so beautiful from every angle that I am going to have to keep it (sorry Clare!) n.b. thats a tiny teacup and jug not a huge pot!


  1. Mmmm...I love the gorgeous packaging for the Jasmine Tea!

  2. nice tea pot! I love chinese green tea.. have you tried canton tea, it's my new fav. Bloooomin delicious! x

  3. eeek... i have that very same pot...

  4. I wanted to bring one of those lovely teapots back from Singapore but it was waaaay too heavy. Thank you for the tip - I go to Wing Yip regularly yet totally failed to see that!



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