a tiny dose of orange

Work has taken priority over the last couple of weeks, and I have been stuck indoors trying to reduce the length of my to-do list. So apologies for blog posts being rather introspective. Sitting in front of a screen day after day, my one little escape is to wander round favourite blogs every now and then. I was inspired by kerry from the seventy tree's ode to red to hunt out my pop-up colour and I think it has to be orange, a tiny dose of orange has a wonderful cheery effect. 


  1. beautiful tiny dala horse and pretty details of your home... long to-do-lists can be stressfull so I wish you tons of happy thoughts and positive energy! But hey, doesn't it feel great to cross out something you've done? :)

  2. I love all your orangey hints! I think I'd probably find just as much orange in my house, if I was to go on another search! I too have a massive to-do list, so I sympathise! Good luck with it all.

  3. oh yes! i love orange. i was inspired by kerry too. might do another colour hunt today.



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