I find it hard to believe that it is less than a year ago that Debi Treloar came and took these beautiful pictures of our house for Decorate, the brand new book from Holly Becker of Decor8 blog. I have had my copy for a couple of weeks now and it really is an amazing book, packed full of inspiring homes, images and ideas. I am still not sure how I feel about having my knick-knacks (so to speak!) on display for all to see and it makes me feel a little embarrassed but hey-ho, 99% of my stuff is pre-owned and well loved and just happens to have ended up here in this quite ordinary family home! I am going to the launch in Libertys on Wednesday with my lovely daughter Lucy, instantly recognisable by her bright red corkscrew curls, so if anyone else is going to be there please come and say hello!


  1. how exciting to see your wonderful makes in print. your home looks gorgeous too by the way - loving your white shelves :D

  2. I am hopefully going along too - will look out for you both!

  3. Your house looks lovely, I wish my house looked like that!
    I spotted these photos in the new copy of Red magazine - have you seen it? I was flicking through it and thought 'ooh! That's a Roddy and Ginger cushion' then realised it was a new book from the Decor8 blog lady. Didn't realise that was actually your house though!
    Enjoy the launch.

  4. ooh liberty, how wonderful. and don't be embarrassed, you have some of the loveliest knick-knacks around! x

  5. I must admit I uhm... stalked you after seeing your beautiful home in this amazing book - it's probably my very favourite one in there! (altough that was a tough choice!)



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