new old books

It's becoming hard to find charity shop books that didn't start out life as 3 for 2 at the airport. But these two are little treasures. The first, Artists of a Certain Line by John Ryder, a pocket sized show case of children's book illustrators from the sixties, many of them unknown at the time but soon to become familiar illustrators of Puffin paperbacks. I also love its wood grain binding. And the second - Petunia's Treasure illustrated by my favourite Roger Duvoisin, the 'silly goose' finds some treasure and gets rather above herself in the farmyard.

I am off to the seaside for a couple of days, hoping to wear my flip flops, eat burnt sausages on a beach and use up some sunscreen - perfect! A happy easter to everyone!


  1. What gems! He he, know what you mean...or Richard and Judy's book club rejects! Have a lovely weekend at the seaside and thank you for Bertie's well wishes. I'm feeling awful, but hopeful he'll be back on his feet very soon .

  2. Lovely Virginia.
    Enjoy your sausages in the sun but don't come back frazzled...

  3. What cute finds, I know what you are talking about, I find I really need to dig around in the children's books at op shops these days. I'm finding the best vintage books at church fetes and school fairs. But you still need to be lucky. I love the look of 'Petunia's Treasures'

    Have a nice Easter break, we are off to the seaside too. Today I am looking to fresh prawns and salad for Good Friday lunch:)



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