launch report

The bloggers were out in force at Libertys for the Decorate launch yesterday evening (there must be a collective noun for a bunch of bloggers, what could it be?) Like news-readers it was a surprise to see that they had legs or even heads and bodies! These events are all about making connections and as I am the worlds worst networker I was very glad to have Lucy, my homegrown 'PR assistant' with me to stop me from hiding under the table. I was very happy to meet among others Rebecca, Alexis, Kate from The Fabric of My Life, the lovely chaps from Mini Moderns ( I really love their new Whitby wallpaper) and Will from Bright Bazaar which is a new blog to me and lots of fun.


  1. Thanks for sharing those great blogs.

    You are so lucky to be able to attend what looks like a great event.

  2. glad you had fun. it's odd but lovely to meet the actual people behind the blogs. i met tif from dottie angel the other day and it was a bit like meeting a celeb and an old friend all in one. x



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