colour makes people happy

Colour makes people happy, I can't argue with that! It's the name of our local paint shop run by Simon March who sells a range of eclectically named family friendly paints from Holland under his brand name of Siecle. This inspirational shop and extensive workshops are so long that the front door is in yummy East Dulwich and the back door in trendy Peckham. Simon displays his fabulous range of colours on painted wooden clogs and among other attractions he has installed a huge spinning paint splattering machine so that you can make your own giant paint splattered painting. The colours for my wallpapers are selected from the Siecle range so that you can match walls to woodwork.


  1. Makes me want to wear bright coloured clogs! Your wallpaper looks wonderful there. Thanks for the samples, love them. Just need to convince my other half... lou xx

  2. The clog wall is actually pretty neat. I could see that in a little girls room. I do love colour - so I'm all about this cute shop!

  3. I love little independant decorating stores like this, so much nicer than b&q! the clogs are a great idea, and your wallpaper looks fab in that room!x

  4. gorgeous! i've heard of that place, looks very inspiring. is peckham trendy now? soon the estate agents will be calling it peckham village :-)

  5. yup, complete with cool bars in rail way arches and multi-story carparks,
    and yes the grimy bit of Peckham where we used to live is now called Bellenden Village, still love it though!



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