too much stuff

I had to clear my kitchen today for a shoot, this is just a tiny bit of it.... it's not going back!

Some new postcards arrived yesterday, rather a lot of them, all on recycled stock so kind to trees.

A huge thank you to Sandra from Germany who emailed to let me know that I had the measurement wrong on my wallpaper shop page, making it seem to be the most expensive wallpaper in the world. Yes indeed, it should be £52.00 for a 10metre roll not a 1metre roll.

And many thanks to Irene from Bloesem who featured the wallpaper in her new Mondays quick start slot.


  1. if you are needing a home for that cathrineholm casserole pot...I know of one! ;o) Lou x

  2. I have way too many things in my small kitchen as well but I can't seem to get rid of it ;)
    I love your postcards!

  3. what is it about kitchenalia that is so addictive! glad its not just me, post cards looking fab!x

  4. You just need a bigger kitchen, no need to get rid of anything!!!

  5. Oh dear, that Cathrineholm pot needs to stay put, don't you think? So pretty in orange! It may be a lot of stuff, but it's a lot of lovely stuff! :)



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