out of chaos

Well, I put half of it back and it looks a lot better, the catherineholm pot stays (sorry lou!) but the green paint may go. It's London Design Week and there is an overwhelming amount to see in a very short space of time, so today I am getting my dose of cool and heading off to lurk around Brick Lane for a bit and take a look at Tent London.


  1. We’re going to Tent on Sunday. Hope you enjoy it :) i am wondering if you will replace the green with another colour, or stick with white?? I need to have a big sort out myself. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Damn! Worth a try! Have a great weekend. Lou x

  3. Looking very neat and tidy! I wouldn't have given up the catherineholm pot either! have fun at tent london, i went last year, was excellent x

  4. Cathrineholm is always a keeper :)



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