while I was away

I have returned from my holiday in our sleepy Spanish village. Usually I make a few blog posts while I am away but this year things haven't worked out.  Blogging from my iPad proved too much of a challenge (someone tell me how!! do I need an app?) and our ancient laptop was continually occupied by the 10 to 20 year olds who seem to spend life nose to screen. But most of all, this year has been busy and a bit difficult so I think I needed the break. I took lots of pictures so will be catching up with a few Spanish themed posts over the next week or so.

While I was away...
The courgettes on the allotment are still too tiny to pick - whats been going on?!
The Olympic games came and went, we watched some of it on a postcard sized TV. London looked amazing.
I was here on the lovely lottieloves blog, thank-you Charlotte!
I have a new stockist,  BooVake in Scotland, thank-you Arlene!
Here's this months horoscope illustration for  Red magazine - happy birthday Virgos!


  1. Sounds like a well deserved holiday! I have just returned from a trip to New Zealand. Blogging from the iPad is hard, what I have found works somewhat is to use the blogger app to get the photo onto the post, then I edit the post in safari. A bit tiresome but it's the only way I have worked out so far. I don't like the layout of the posts done entirely in the blogger app (free in app store).

  2. Sounds like you have enjoyed a lot...
    I am looking forward for your photos, just to know if I know where you have been.
    Kisses from north of spain.

  3. ugh! blogging on the ipad is ridiculous! you can't do anything. i don't think there's a special app. they just have to SORT IT OUT!
    other than that, your flower lady is gorgeous :-)

    1. Thank-you fran! - I thought I could spend happy siesta times keeping up with blogging, but even leaving comments seemed impossible, so I gave it a miss. Which was good, this is what holidays are for after all vx



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