fabrics galore

Every now and then our house is used as a location for photo shoots (well, we do have two hungry teenagers to feed!). As we have an abundance of props it is often used for vintage and retro pieces. Just lately it was used by BBC Homes magazine for a feature on vintage fabrics and our house was filled with a heady selection of glorious textiles from the '50s and '60s. Our ercol sofa was elevated from it's normal use of dumping ground to glamourous prop, festooned with beautiful vintage fabric cushions from Jane Foster . A couple of roddy&ginger cushions crept in so I have put them back into my shop.


  1. wow - lucky you having such a nice home!

  2. I loved this feature! In fact, I blogged about this today and http://manyamickleblog.blogspot.com/ pointed me in your direction.

    Congratulations on a great home & fantastic props!

  3. Lovely - must pick up a copy



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