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Here's a family portrait of my mum and dad and older sister back in the days when a neat parting and cravat were essential weekend wear. Also essential was a Horrockses dress and my mum is wearing a perfect example in white and grey stem print on crisp cotton. Horrockses was an iconic British fashion label of the 40s and 50s, bringing off-the-peg style in colourful and innovative prints to fashionable women from Queen Elizabeth downwards. There is an exhibition of Horrockses style at the Museum of Fashion and Textiles in Bermondsey which opened last week so I am off there today to take a look. Sadly, our kids won't have such elegant images of us to treasure as we spent the equivalent years looking like rejects from Wham and Bananarama auditions!

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  1. yes, the long lost elegance of our parents. Love your closing line - frilly adam and the ant blouses, tainted love eyes, been there too...



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