keeping busy

I love euro shops! I bought these dishcloths for 75c each and as it's raining today I kept myself busy by making a bread bag, essential here as bread from the local bakers is straight from the oven and too hot to carry. If I still feel creative the other cloths may become cushions or another bag. Today's thunder storm is very welcome as a fire has been burning through the woods behind our village and the air has been thick with helicopters scooping up water from the local river to stop the spread, the rain should finish the job.


  1. You are still inspired!! I love, these dishcloths...many euro shops, hide little treasures, but you've got to keep your eyes wide opened.
    You really have got a trained eye!

    When I heard about the fire...I've immediately thought about you. Lucky rain.
    Take care,


  2. What's a euro shop? Is that like a 'dollar shop'? They are lovely tea towels ... what a lovely time, bar the fire, in Spain. I almost feel like I'm there myself!

  3. yes, its like a pound/dollar shop, full of cheap stuff, a sign of the times I suppose.

  4. what a great idea ... I love your blue bread bag



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