daily bread

It's very easy to lead the simple life here, the bread shop sells just three types of bread; long, round and my favourite, only on Saturday the beautiful lacey coca. The tomatoes were grown on Agethas allotment here in the village.
Quinipota has commented that these images show the ingredients for 'pa am tomaquet' the frugal but delicious local dish of bread rubbed with ripe tomatoes and sprinkled with olive oil and salt, thank-you! I am going to make some tonight!


  1. These images remind me a very typical and simple recipe of my country that is called "pa amb tomàquet." It consists of spreading the tomato on a slice of bread and throw a little olive oil and salt. Very nice blog!

  2. Sorry, I've seen now you are in Girona. That's why those images were familiar to me! I'm from Barcelona.

  3. thank-you, I will be making some tohight!

  4. that bread is divine. i wish we had someplace like that here in Texas.



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