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This was my weekend find, an A to Z of London with delightful linocut illustrations by one of my favourite British artists Edward Bawden. It is very entertaining and packed full of information about London in 1953 including D for debutantes, S for spiv and where to purchase the correct bowler hat (Locks of St James's). The list of restaurants ran to five pages and when my dad looked through it he had happy memories of many, some involving dancing!

Edward Bawden taught at the Royal College of Art in the '60s where he mentored and inspired Christopher Brown. His influence is clearly evident in Christopher Brown's Alphabet of London where he brings the A to Z up to date with his quirky linocut illustrations of contemporary London life.

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  1. Love the site and your choice of posts too, we think alike so I thought you might like this http://wp.me/pY4YW-21c Christopher Brown's An Alphabet Of London. Happy day, Craig



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