anguished carrots

I won't be winning any prizes for these.

I should have followed this advice for 2'6"carrots!

You may have noticed a lack of 'find me here' buttons on my side bar. For a long time I have puzzled over social media, and found it nearly as troublesome as carrot growing. But I have finally given in and joined Twitter, so follow me @roddyandginger if you like (it may take me a little time to get into it but I promise I will tweet more than just contorted vegetables!)

Next stop, facebook, instagram, pinterest... then I won't have any hours left in the day but I will have an impressive row of buttons.


  1. I only have pinterest, no time for others...no time for so many social interactuation.
    Love the result of your carront experiment...hahaha. Don´t worry about the image, do they taste well? That´s the most important!

  2. See you on pinterest & facebook then!

  3. hoy hoy poor carrots?? I have spent all morning preparing the garden for winter. I am not going ahead with the shop after all, i tell you more when i se u after i come back from spain. Flying out on friday back end of the month. Kisses and see u soon



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