Wednesday has to be illustration day this week. I'm working on January's capricorn illustration for Red Magazine so looking at goats all day.

And here is Novembers scorpio illustration. It was quite difficult to make a scorpion look appealing I can tell you. But when I found out that they carry their babies on their back I saw them in a whole new light. My twins are both Scorpio (obviously! and there is a big birthday coming up) so I tried to fit two babies on her back but it just didn't work.

Happy birthday scorpios!


  1. Thank you Virginia! I'll be celebrating my birthday in two weeks, and I'm sure to confirm, that your Scorpios, are the cutest ones I've ever seen!!!!

    These are gorgeous, and would be an amazing print to frame! Are you planning to sell it on your shop? :-)

  2. hey happy birthday Carme! I have just got back from Catalonia, a bit rainy but a nice break all the same.
    Zodiac prints would be a great idea, but these are commissioned illustrations so I would have to get permission I suppose vx



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