new broom

Yes, I have a thing about brushes, useful, tufted, and their sole purpose is to improve or transform.
I wandered into brush heaven this week, Brodie & Middleton on Drury Lane. Brushes for every creative purpose, flat, wavy, stiff, pointy, soft, so many! I bought a wide copper bound beauty which I use for brushing around my desk and ridding myself of tiny annoying bits of stuff.
I have also renewed the household brushes, sweeping leaves is just a bit better when you use a brush with a fish on it (from a Harringtons, a splendid hardware shop in Broadstairs) and a proper broom from the local high street bucket shop. Also quite handy for getting from A to B.

On the subject of flying, I am off to Spain for a week. I may blog, I may tweet and I aim to get to grips with Instagram and Pinterest. Or I may just take time out from all of that and do very little!


  1. If I were you - I'd do very little! I'd love a holiday.... have a great time x

  2. Isn't it strange how the simplest of things can bring so much joy.

    Gorgeous brush by the way.

    Nina x

  3. Which part of spain this time?

  4. If you need some tips, maybe I can help you...write me if you want...

  5. Thank-you thats so kind! I am going to the same part, near Girona, just for 6 days this time. v x

  6. I love the brush with the fish!
    Have a nice stay there...I mean, here! ;-)



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