jobs half done

I am surrounded by jobs half done. On top of orders and two freelance design jobs I am re-upholstering our scratchy brown sofas with this grey linen found for £5.00 per metre in Brixton market (joy!), cushions ok but not sure how to tackle the rest, painting this old Habitat standard lamp white and rewiring with trendy coloured cable, trying to deal with fabric scraps and mis-prints in my studio, painting this old trolly white, painting everything white really, then photographing them rather than getting on with things, this is not good!

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  1. I know that feeling. I have a mass of jobs half done where I keep saying to myself 'when this happens or that then I'll get it done'....which never happens. I really should just stick to the one thing and finish, but the distraction is so enticing.

    Nina x



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