book art

After months of snipping and folding and living with tiny bits of paper glued to her fingers, my sisters new book is out today! Book Art by Clare Youngs published by Cico books, is full of inspirational ideas for creating magical and delicate objects from old books and manuscripts. The book is simply but beautifully designed and styled and has a suitably traditional cloth binding.
Clare is keen to point out that no precious books were harmed in the process! She has foraged for battered and torn volumes from boot sales and charity shops, saving unloved and forgotten books from disposal and transforming them into puppets, dolls, flowers, tiny houses, birds and nests.

Still no sign of a blog from Clare yet, but she tells me it's on its way, I will be the first to link to it!


  1. Hello, Thanks for the lovely post! I am working on my blog at this very moment. Have just managed to link to yours {I think}. I have a template, have uploaded my header but can't seem to get any further- so it will be a bit longer before it is up and running while I figure it out!

  2. looks like it's ready to go - you just need to post something!



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