First of all, thank-you for lovely comments about my wallpaper, it is really great to have feedback as I am rather plunging into the unknown here! I am hoping to see colour samples this week and then pressing the button on the first print run, I have to say my nails are a bit nibbled!

To celebrate, I have just enough time to squeeze in a little giveaway this week. Leave a comment letting me know which is your favourite wallpaper colour from the three - silver birch, woodsmoke (a smokey blue) and moss yellow. The winner will be randomly selected next Tuesday and will receive a Logpile cushion in either of the three colours (which could be different from your wallpaper favourite - up to you).

These images are a sneak preview from our photo shoot,  all photography by Heather Hobhouse, props by me!


wallpaper report

I've not had much time to blog lately, here's what has been keeping me busy. Printing metres of wallpaper in three colours and spending two days last week with lovely photographer Heather Hobhouse, a house full of props and masses of spray mount. I now have very sticky walls and a beautiful set of images. As the wallpaper for the shoot was hand printed, one millimetre out on the repeat very quickly became 10 millimetres so I have a few hours on Photoshop ahead of me before the images are ready for the world!
p.s  I am planning a little giveaway later this week so please come back and join in!


new best friends

Otis and roddy


weekend break

Some images from last weekend, staying with my sister by the sea, sea breezes, corners of her house and cherry picking in the sun, perfect.


four flasks short of a picnic

I think I am sorted for vintage thermos flasks now and should probably stop buying them. Same goes for
plates but I really love the pattern on this one.


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