wise words

I am full of admiration for a married couple that can work together (frankly, I am full of admiration for a couple that can even live together - but now is not the time or place!) These two, Alice and Martin Provensen are my current favourite illustrator pair, working together from the 1950's, they were also creators of breakfast hero Tony the Tiger. My sister and I are slightly competitively hunting down their portfolio of beautifully illustrated children's books and I know she will be coveting this one. Aesops Fables retold by Louis Untermeyer with the loveliest illustrations packed full of funny little details and busy characters.


summer palette

Colours to make you think of summer. Silk scarf from the flea market, paint colours by Siecle from Colour Makes People Happy, shoppers snapped last summer in Girona.


sun's out

The sun showed its face today, a good day for drying. These new tea-towels will be in the shop soon -  split pea and sunspots. And a good day for stretching wings, this butterfly was an early visitor to the garden. I hope it doesn't get cold again as predicted or he is doomed! I have never seen a butterfly in the snow.



I was definitely feeling bit mean when I submitted my Pisces illustration for Red Magazine, those poor little fish. I was also keen on the sardine tin option but the cat got its way in the end!
Happy birthday to all you Pisces people!


new friend

I had a short break in Broadstairs last weekend and made friends with a seagull. I love the colour of his feet.


the only way is up

January over, and for a number of reasons it has been a very difficult month, at times I have felt like giving it all up and getting a proper job. But hey! it's February, there aren't any jobs out there and I feel like I am reaching the top of this particular hill.

So here's my February list:

Do another trade show. I signed up for a stand at Pulse which takes place in May and have now overcome serious second thoughts and paid up, so there's no going back. I have three months to come up with something new, not sure what yet. Could be textiles, paper, ceramic or all three. Maybe another tray? Although I think Kerry has come up with the ultimate collection, look no further!

Get out more. Lucy is off to Stockholm today to go to the furniture fair and generally hang out for a couple of days. I am a very envious mum, but she is going to report back to me with what's new out there in the world of design.

Redesign my website. With a page for my illustration portfolio and social media buttons in place. I am already on Twitter and although nobody knows yet, Pinterest and Instagram, just getting to grips with these, who has the time??

Sort out my mailing list, get a newsletter up and running.

What with my freelance design work, this will keep me busy but my other aim is to make more time to see my all-important friends.

There, it's written down now - I have to do it!

p.s. the illustration is from 'My Hands' a 'read and find out book' with illustrations by Aliki, always makes me smile.


cats everywhere

I spent some time over Christmas researching cats for my Pisces illustration for Red Magazine (I think I was feeling a bit mean at the time, those poor little fish) A great source of inspiration was my small collection of Cat story books from the 1960's written by Joan Cass with stunning illustrations by William Stobbs. And favourite ceramics from around the house a cat bank by Briglin pottery and cream jug by Arabia Finland.


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