weekend finds - salt

I have been madly busy lately so apologies for infrequent blogging. However, I found some time for charity shopping at the weekend and here are my salt and colour themed finds. Lovely Swedish lidded glass jar, teak salt and pepper pots and Sixties book all about Salt! This is part of the Lets Read and Find Out science series, all with great illustrations.



Happy birthday - 20 today! my twins are no longer teenagers. It's not easy to find them in the same place at the same time these days so here they are in pre-school, rocking the home haircut and 'little house on the prairie' look.


blue and orange

Blue is the colour - behind the kitchen shelves, it's quite intense so takes a bit of getting used to but it certainly makes the orange pop.  On the subject of orange, this is my husband's first ever hi-fi, brought back from Wales, a splendid combo of orange, teak and stainless steel. Unfortunately we have nothing to play on it as I was never much of a music collector and I made him take all his prog rock albums to the charity shop along with his star wars annuals - was that a bit mean of me?

The blue is Trelleborg by Siecle paints, available here and is the same colour as my Logpile wallpaper in woodsmoke - just thought I'd tell you that.

Finally....worth watching tonight: The Kids's Speech, BBC 1 at 10.35. About the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children where my son attended a speech course this summer, a really inspiring place.


day at the fair

We took a trip up the Renegade Craft Fair on Brick Lane this weekend, lots of lovely crafts to see, buy and do, although a bit overwhelming when it's all in one place. Robert is still puzzling over the sight of a table full of needle felters. It was nice to have a chat with robin&mould, their perky foxes and sleepy owls were a familiar sight and stood out amongst the cuteness. We followed up with lunch at the Story Deli in Redchurch Street, amazing frilly pizzas served in a space that is casual and romantic and slightly chaotic.

I have to say I was quite relieved to be just looking at the craft fair and not selling, although on that note I will be wallpapering a small corner of the Mid-Century Modern Show on 20th November where I have taken an upstairs space. Plenty of work to do!


from wales with love

While everyone was basking in the unseasonal weather last weekend we were in Wales shifting boxes. I brought back this tiny collection of three Welsh love spoons. These wooden spoons carved with traditional symbols were given to loved ones as tokens of affection. Some quite ornate and intricate but these three very sweet and simple. When I can find the time I am thinking of incorporating them into a textile design. Could they be the next big thing after cockoo clocks, Russian dolls and dala horses? you never know!


a bit of trumpet blowing

Is this a bit show-offy? I don't know, but we have had some fantastic mentions of our wallpapers in Octobers Ideal Home and November issues of House Beautiful, Grand Designs and a full page in Elle Deco - wow! I feel well and truly launched. It's all down to Lucy, home-grown PR girl - every home should have one!

Also lovely mentions on Bambino Goodies, Bright Bazaar, Woodchip and Magnolia and Design Milk where I am renamed Ginger - I like it!

To celebrate, I am doing an October offer - 10% off the price of wallpaper from my shop. Just use this discount code octoberoffer when you order (ends 31.10.11)


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