copy cat bird

I don't like to write about negative things but this has made me quite cross. Marie from France kindly brought to my attention that Monoprix (major retailer in France) have taken one of my designs, flipped it over and are selling on a cushion as part of their Christmas range. Bird motifs and folksy patterns are of course a very common trend but to me this one looks just a bit too similar. I'm not sure what to do - has any one had a similar experience?


colour inspiration

The olive, teal and dark smokey grey colours of my favourite scandinavian glassware were the inspiration for this new version of my pomegranate tree print.


log pile envy

Who can't resist a good log pile! This beauty belongs to our neighbour in Spain, carefully stacked in the summer ready for the cold winter winds that sweep down off the mountains. It was the inspiration for a new design that I have just got around to printing. If I can only decide on colours I should have some loggy cushions ready for Christmas shopping. It makes its first appearance on the reverse of a super sized roddy stocking (small people told me that my bird stockings were just not big enough!) Plenty of room in this one for the longer wish-list. Available in my etsy store and online shop . All orders will come complete with a hand printed gift card!


stir up sunday

Today is Stir-up Sunday, the traditional day to make the Christmas pudding. I looked out our family recipe, carefully written out by my mum when she was nine years old, she is still using it today, making them in batches which lurk at the back of the kitchen cupboard from year to year. The recipe says boil for 5 or 6 hours!! Fast food compared to the recipe in this 1960's McDougalls recipe booklet, boil for 10 hours - blimey! The tea towels and aprons in kids and adult size available in my etsy store and online shop


it's on it's way

Christmas is around the corner and I have managed not to mention it up till now (apart from subtle mention of turkey in my last post) But I am now stocking my shops with a few affordable items for Christmas shopping. Starting with some festive stockings and a new pomegranate tree shopping bag all for £12.00 and under, bargain! Available now in my etsy and online shop .


a bit of blue and white

Although I am fairly obsessed with all things midcentury-mod I can't help having a yearning for the simple charm of scrubbed tables and old blue and white china. I bought this fruity cheese dish at the boot fair for £1.50 along with the rather lovely set of ceramic buttons and jelly mould. I have picked up a few other pieces at charity shops but my favourites - the large art nouveau patterned bowl and the turkey sized willow pattern platter belonged to my grandfather. I also found this little book at a boot fair so now I know what it all means.


tiny collection

The very first vintage book I ever bought was when I was an art student, a battered little King Penguin called Birds of the sea, I was drawn to the delicate water colour illustrations. Every now and then I find a King Penguin in the second hand bookshops to add to my collection and here are a few of them. These slim pocket sized volumes published in the 1940s-50s cover an eclectic range of useful and quirky subjects. Their pretty illustrated covers are always little works of art.


the lucky winners!

I had a fantastic response to my giveaway - 70 entries! I really enjoyed reading the comments and felt quite embarrassed at times as they were so lovely. So I decided to select two winners, all the entries were folded and placed into roddy's Auntie Dill and the winners were picked out by the lovely Lucy.
And here they are - congratulations to Evita and Littlemithi!


casual living

Look who's hiding under the cover! Our house was photographed last year to be included this lovely new book - Casual Living by Judith Wilson published by Ryland, Peters and Small. Believe me, we usually look a lot more 'casual' than this, they have made it look so uncluttered and serene - I want to live there! I have to say the endpapers are my favourites!
This weeks cushion giveaway is going splendidly and thank-you for all your lovely comments. Roddy seems to be winning over Pomegranate tree at the moment but there is still time to enter with your choice just leave your comment here .


roddy&ginger giveaway!

I thought it was about time I held a little giveaway on my blog!  So here it is... I am giving away a roddy or pomegranate tree cushion (maybe one of each if I gets lots of entries, hope I do or I will feel a little foolish!) They are both available printed onto natural linen and I have also listed the pomegranate tree cushions printed onto lovely crisp white linen. You can see the range here and here. To enter just leave a comment on my blog, let me know your favourite and I will pick the winner from a hat next Monday. I am really looking forward to your comments! (and if you want to mention it on your blog that would be lovely x)


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