Mid Century Modern

I think I have just about recovered from Sunday's Mid Century Modern Show. All I can say is that it was a great success and I really I enjoyed the day but I don't think I have ever felt so knackered in my life!

Being on duty on my stand meant that I didn't have a chance to look around, but take a look here for a better view of the show and other inspirations from Laila, one of the many lovely people that I met on the day.

Sunday was also the first outing of my new love spoons design as a 50x70cm print and cushions in black or fabulous orange. I hope to have them in my shop this week


you wash I'll dry

A quick post to say a shipment of Lumberjack tea-towels have arrived just in time for Mid-Century Modern. These are black on white cotton, printed and made in the UK and in my shop now. Shipping for the tea-towels is free till the end of December if you use this code IMALUMBERJACK


busy family

Not the only one in the family who has been busy, my sisters latest book is out (at least I think it's her latest, I have rather lost track). Christmas Crafting (in no time - sounds good to me!) by Clare Youngs, published by Cico. Packed full of easy step by steps to Christmas lovelyness. I played a small part in the making of the book, providing various props including the tiny parcel for the mice.
And for all this sticking - you will need my favourite glue, the glue of my childhood! My father always used it to stick the pictures into the family album. Coccoina paper glue available from labour&wait. It smells deliciously like the stuff they put into the almond croissants at Costa, in fact I think it is the stuff they put into the almond croissants at Costa.


work in progress

The date for the Midcentury Modern show is fast approaching and I am surrounded by unfinished jobs, prints to print, ladder shelves to paint, foamex flats to wallpaper, bench to upholster, a new screen that I haven't had a chance to test yet. On the plus side I am very glad to have found a lovely person to sew cushions for me, and I am having tea-towels printed for me, whether they will arrive in time for MCM I do not know. It will all come together, I keep telling myself.

In the meantime I find time to waste looking at new favourite blog from Finland  weekday carnival - I want to move to Finland!

Midcentury Modern is on 20th November at Dulwich College London SE21. If all goes to plan I will be wallpapering my small corner of it upstairs. A great day out, it would be lovely to see you there!



Keeping in the Scandinavian theme I have been sending parcels to Finland this week, my wallpaper is featured in this months edition of the lovely Finnish Deko Magazine - so Hei! to anyone reading this in Finland. As I am such a huge fan of Scandinavian design, it's a real thrill to be featured here. Deko is a beautifully styled magazine, like looking through some of my favourite scandinavian blogs, I wish we had a version here in the UK. It's the December issue, so a bit of Christmas is creeping in here but I have no complaints when it looks like this!


and pepper

I was digging around looking for my other Let's Read and Find Out books and I came across my old copy of Mrs Pepperpot to the Rescue. I loved Mrs Pepperpot! This children's classic by Norwegian writer Alf Proysen was published in 1963, illustrations by Bjorn Berg.


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