keeping warm

Getting used to being back home, trying to find all the things I put into a 'safe place' before I went away, eating giant vegetables from the allotment, keeping warm under beautiful welsh blanket found in local vintage store and catching up with last months Elle Deco (the one with the embarassing front cover… I speak from experience and always wipe our 'quirky wall feature' clean after teenage parties)

And, great excitement! the first batch of logpile wallpaper has arrived, I hope to have it in my shop by the 1st September.


typography and tiles

Last few images from Spain before we fly home to chilly England, tiles and typography from some of our favourite places.


2 in 1

Ballooning and Pomegranate tree in one picture!


local colour 2

I can't stop photographing fruit and veg, fantastic colours.


local colour

This region of Spain is rich in colour, houses that are not built of local stone are painted in a patchwork of earthy tones. This shop in our local market town sells loose pigment by the scoopful in dusty plums through to terracottas and brights that remind me of the powdered paint we used in primary school.

p.s. it's my birthday today, I am always in Spain for my birthday which means I don't have to celebrate it at home so it appears that I am not getting any older, which is fine by me!


small things

harvey's cactus


a cracking night

Crowds of hooded figures, flames and fireworks I must be back in SE London, no it's the annual Fiesta Major in La Bisbal, where local tradition is celebrated with the Ball des Dracs. I'm not sure what was going on but it involved being chased down dark alleys by dragons, whirling fireworks paraded down narrow streets, fire crackers raining down on our heads, flaming figures abseiling down the cathedral and a good hosing down at the end. A whole town out on the streets enjoying themselvs and all served up with refreshing disregard for UK style health and safety, fantastic fun!


we love shopping

In La Bisbal market - local fruit and veg, cafe con leche, favourite cake and pretty pavements.



South London is not a good place to be in at the moment so I am very glad to be here for the next couple of weeks. Depending on the internet connection in our sleepy Catalonian village I will try to add to my blog every now and then. Happy summer everyone!


penguin patterns 1

These caught my eye in a local charity shop, Penguin music scores published in the '50s with delicate  patterns in earthy colours that remind me of Pugin wallpaper and Spanish tiled floors.


giveaway winner!

Thank-you for your lovely comments, overall the runaway popular colour was most definitely silver birch, followed by moss yellow with woodsmoke just behind, so very useful information when I order my first batch. I agree, it's very hard to decide, my favourite on the roll is woodsmoke which is a really lovely smokey grey blue colour but on the wall and in the pictures I'm with the majority, I prefer silver birch.

I couldn't work out how to do the random number picker so you will have to trust me with the time honored hat method. And the winner of the logpile cushion, picked out from roddy's aunty dill by my son is Rebecca from Little Tree who favoured the moss yellow paper. You can uncross your fingers now Rebecca! (I have left a message in your comments)


wood for the trees

Camping in the woods in Wales this weekend gave me the perfect photo opportunity for some shots of Sleep like a log pillows and Logpile tea towels which will be on sale from September. It also gave us lots of opportunities for merriment and sore heads in the morning, good fun all round!

I will be randomly selecting a winner for my cushion giveaway tomorrow, so there's still time to enter  - see previous entry for details.


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