a tiny dose of orange

Work has taken priority over the last couple of weeks, and I have been stuck indoors trying to reduce the length of my to-do list. So apologies for blog posts being rather introspective. Sitting in front of a screen day after day, my one little escape is to wander round favourite blogs every now and then. I was inspired by kerry from the seventy tree's ode to red to hunt out my pop-up colour and I think it has to be orange, a tiny dose of orange has a wonderful cheery effect. 


simple things

Back to Wing Yip today to buy a teapot for my sister. These just make me want to cook a stir fry...

make a pot of tea...

even do the washing-up !


my favourite word

I am accumulating enough typewriters to start a Mad Men style typing pool. When I saw this one in the local flea market one voice said 'not another one' and another voice said 'prop' so I bought it. It's my favourite teal colour, comes with a plastic carrying case and has the Design Centre seal of approval, what else could I do? One of my other models has a small part in the publicity material for the new Sanderson vintage wallpaper range. Over the course of a three day shoot last year our walls were papered with a series of very strident patterns from the range. I was quite glad when it was all returned to Brilliant White!


amateur photographer

I've been trying to photograph some products for publicity and price lists - it's not easy getting the colours right. I am blaming it on the camera and gloomy weather conditions but really I think its just me. After a fair amount of Photoshopping this one is not bad. The yellow forsythia is from the garden - the first flowers of spring always a welcome sight, and the life size white china pigeon was from the charity shop - he's lovely!



every home should have one

I am not at all obsessed by owls, the fact that I have two in my logo is purely accidental. But if I see a nice one in a charity shop (and there is always an owl of some sort in a charity shop) I will buy it. I was puzzled by the assortment of holes in this china owl until I realised what it was for, somewhere to keep my scissors and trendy string - of course, I don't know how I lived without it!


hunting for shelves

Fixed shelves in our house are a bit of a problem as they would have to be dismantled when we have photo shoots. Meanwhile, books are piling up on the floor and I have to stop myself from going into charity shops in case I buy more stuff (this is really hard!) So I am on the look out for a movable set. These step ladder shelves, spotted on darling clementine would be perfect. I think Ikea once did a set in paintable wood but I haven't seen them there for a while. I have tracked some down at Marks & Spencer but they look a bit chunky. Any ideas? The lovely seafaring blanket is from here.


happy new year!

On the subject of Chinese new year, this is a book that my sisters and I loved as children. Mei Li - the adventures of a little girl who escaped home to join the boys at the new years eve celebrations in old China. I loved the spirited illustrations but was never very happy with the ending, after risking life and limb she ended up back at home as kitchen princess dutifully sweeping the kitchen floor. How things have changed, I don't suppose many of todays children's books end with this message!  
Happy year of the rabbit to everyone!


tea time

When we are in Spain tea is always served in these cast iron Japanese teapots and I have been looking for one for a while now. I finally found it in Wing Yip the fantastically massive Chinese supermarket that brings a hunk of the far east to lovely Croydon! At the moment it is festooned with paper lanterns and decorations ready for the Chinese new year and makes a refreshing anitdote to a trip to nearby Ikea!  I really love looking at the packaging and pots, and I particularly like their bright yellow shoppers. I bought the teapot as a birthday present for my sister - but it is so beautiful from every angle that I am going to have to keep it (sorry Clare!) n.b. thats a tiny teacup and jug not a huge pot!


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