home grown cafe

We have come to the conclusion that our allotment is not really about supplying ourselves with home grown vegetables. What we really like is making it look nice! And what we like even more is drinking tea and eating cake. This has now been made all the better with the arrival of our own allotment cafe in a van! Parked permanently and open on Sundays for breakfast, teas and delicious lunches. Salads picked straight from the plot and cakes traded for a cup of red berries, it is perfect, we feel very lucky!

The girls who run the cafe also do location catering, find them here 

The allotment is going to have to fend for itself for the next few weeks because we are off to Spain for our hols, no doubt when we come back our too tiny to pick courgettes will look like giant marrows.

Happy summer! 


go team GB!

I think I have a vintage silk scarf for just about any occasion, here are a couple of them as a tribute for the games about to begin here in London, bold graphics from 1976 and a lovely Jacqmar scarf depicting London in misty, watery colours. Looks a bit watery here tonight, I think it might rain for the opening ceremony. We seem to have been living with the Olympics forever, so it's a bit hard to get exited (not being a sports fan doesn't help) but anyway- go team GB!



My August illustration for Red Magazine, happy birthday to all you leos out there! that includes me and him. We are a household of two leos and two scorpios, I don't follow horoscopes but that sounds like trouble to me. And if you have a copy of the magazine, thats me! hanging around the front pages with this months contributors.

Sale ends today at 12.00 noon! in my etsy and online shops. 25% off the price of everything (not including postage) just use this code SEVENDAYSALE when you purchase.


sale extended

Apologies to anyone trying to use the sale discount code in my UK shop over the last few hours. I had it set to US time and it  discontinued itself early...oops! So to make up for it I have extended the sale till 12 noon on Saturday 21st July which makes it an eight day sale, the code is still the same.

The sale continues in my etsy and online shops. 25% off the price of everything (not including postage) just use this code SEVENDAYSALE when you purchase. The sale ends on 21.7.12 at midday.


busy week

We photographed the trays and cutting mats yesterday, friend and photographer Heather Hobhouse made sense of my collection of tasty props and backgrounds. I am really looking forwards to the results later this week. And my seven day sale continues in both shops which along with a new wholesale order meant hasty reprinting of some designs on Monday. I usually love printing in the summer because everything dries in an instant on the washing line but persistent rain means nowhere to dry screens and prints so my studio looks like this.

Use this code SEVENDAYSALE for 25% discount in my easy and online shop, sale ends on Friday.


seven day sale

It's summer! (at least we think it is, we are still in winter coats) so before I go off in search of some sun I am having a flash sale in my etsy and online shops. Cushions, prints and tea towels for sale in both shops, the wallpaper is available only in my online shop.

For one week only there is 25% off the price of everything (not including postage) just use this code
SEVENDAYSALE when you purchase. The sale ends on 20.7.12 at midday.

I will be away for 3 weeks in August so shop now and all orders will be dispatched before I go.

Happy shopping!


weekend in pictures

We spent the weekend in Broadstairs looking after Otis, pictured here with his sad look. The illustrations are from one of my sister's vintage books, a lovely but battered edition of A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Lewis Stevenson, with appropriate illustrations by Alice and Martin Provensen. So lovely that I found one on Abebooks and ordered it for myself (at a bargain price, the other editions on the site must be in tip top condition as they are hugely expensive). I visited a rain-lashed boot fair on Sunday. Not much to be found apart from this Briglin daisy pattern pottery bowl and a set of six whale shaped teak placemats (the sort of slightly mad thing only ever found at a boot fair) which I was going to buy but forgot. I wish I had snapped them up as I am pretty sure that whales are set to be the new owls, everybody loves a whale.


blue notes

I have not been a very good blogger lately, a bit busy, a bit empty headed and not much happening in  the charity shops. But I did find these heavy weight Danish cast iron cooking pots, folksy mug and Dansk spiky candle holder. I was not sure about the blue colour of the pots but looking round the house I see that blue seems to be my colour of the month, might be something to do with the wet and gloomy English weather. I am off to Broadstairs this weekend dog-sitting while my sister and family are at a festival, I think I have the better deal!

Thank-you for all your lovely comments on the trays, I think I have made up my mind now!


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