roddy hits the big time

By popular demand I have finally given Roddy his own cushion! He is available in ochre yellow or teal and is in my uk online shop and etsy shop now. I have also listed the pomegranate tree design in red and teal as well as the ochre yellow.


leaving the nest

Last weekend we took the lovely Lucy up to Newcastle and left her there which seemed a strange and unnatural thing to do. She starts her fashion course at university this week and is currently well stuck into freshers week. Newcastle is an amazing city with a lively nightlife, home to the shortest skirts and highest heels I have ever seen!
Before she left she decided to have a tattoo, which I was not pleased about. But the choice was entirely hers and she loves it, well I suppose no one else will have one quite like this! She very sweetly says that her only fear was that roddy&ginger would be so successful it would be like having the Boots logo on her back, I told her not to worry!
Her twin brother has chosen to study art closer to home so the nest is not quite empty yet!


in good company

Every now and then roddy&ginger is featured in an etsy treasury and today one of my cushions was in a very lovely one called the bold and the beautiful alongside lots of my favourites all chosen by monda. So I just wanted to say thank-you.


cosy cushions

I have just put my new pomegranate tree cushions into both my uk online shop and my etsy shop. They are printed on natural linen in grey with ochre yellow, red or teal. I will also be stocking them in white linen soon.


pomegranate tree

We have a little pomegranate tree in our garden in Spain which produces a tiny harvest of these waxy pink flowers and strange and beautiful fruits. I spent a fair amount of time under this tree in the summer and the result is a new design appropriately called Pomegranate Tree. Here's a sneak preview, I am just sampling some colours here and hope to have cushions in my shops this week.


back to school for roddy

There was a lot of owl action in the woods in Wales, it was quite magical to listen to them hooting to each other in the dark just above our heads. Everybody loves an owl and there are plenty of lovable owl cushions around (my favourite at the moment is this one from from Robin and Mould ) However, maybe there is room for one more so I am working on a big roddy cushion and hope to have it in my shops next week. In the meantime I have put a little roddy pencil case in my Etsy shop ready for back to school.


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