rushing the seasons

I have to keep pinching my self to remind me that it is not summer yet, it is only MARCH!


spring clean

Inspired by the scent of spring in the air and the happy find of a ready made-up Alex plans chest in the bargain corner of Ikea, I set about sorting out my studio this week. Scruffy cardboard boxes and yoghurt cartons are banned. Screen printing inks now in storage jars from Poundstretcher (£5.00 for 3, bargain!) postcards and pigments into Ikea kitchen drawer boxes, squeegees into Ikea washing up bowl, pencils into mugs from the poundshop, hippo rubber from Tiger and vintage sketchbook from Spain. 



Yesterday was World Poetry Day. I am ashamed to say I tend to buy poetry books on the basis of how pretty the cover is but I gave this one to my husband in an uncharacteristic romantic gesture on our wedding anniversary. I can't pretend I understand what it's all about but they are very beautiful and I rather like this one about a flea.


trendy pie

Skinny sticks of pink rhubarb picked from the allotment this weekend, enough for a very small crumble in my now trendy pie dish. Falconware has gone the way of stripy butchers string. Funny how all of a sudden the most humble object can be everywhere. No lad-style TV cooking programme or cool new cafe is complete without people slurping soup or eating honest burgers from this ubiquitous blue and white enamelware. Raid your gran's cupboard or find it cheap at your local scruffy high street bucket shop. Or buy a boxed set here for £54.99 (!!!!)


seaside weekend

Images from last weekend, sunset and oyster shells in Whitstable where I dropped off some prints and cushions to Frank, home of lovely things by sea. Landmark cooling towers across Pegwell Bay seconds before they were demolished on Sunday morning (quite an eerie sight, although this picture doesn't show it, thousands turned out to watch). And another vintage Pengiun poetry book with beautiful textural cover.


favourite colour

I have been out of London visiting friends and family lately, these lichen covered trees and vintage copy of Forever Free were found in Oxfordshire. I love that mossy yellow.


my melamine

The collection is growing, I can't get resist the simple lines and the orange and off pastel colour palette.


happy st david's day

There is an unusual amount of Welsh happiness in our house these days, due to Wales doing OK in the rugby. For me, the house is nice and quiet on match days, all the Welsh shouting and singing takes place elsewhere. And as it is March 1st - happy St Davids day!

Lovespoons cushion and print available here.


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