school memories

This blackboard wall in our kitchen was created for two reasons. One, to disguise an ugly door and two, because I found this old box of school chalks in a junk shop. The jolly design is exactly as I remember from my schooldays and I longed for a proper blackboard rubber like the one our maths teacher aimed at the girls in the back of class. So I was more than delighted when I found one in a euro shop in Girona along with square! chalks. Its these little things make me happy! (Euro shops are another thing I like about Spain, much more exiting than pound shops)


nearly a collection

I always buy Observers books when I see them in the charity shops, they are such neat little packages. My current favourite is British Architecture, packed full of facts and each illustration is a little gem with lovely bold screenprinty colours


things I like about Spain 3 - recycled bus

We were very surprised when this battered old red London bus appeared at the bottom of our village. It's the offices of the local kayaking enterprise. We were promised that the two hour canoe down the River Ter was like a trip down the Orinoco. As I've never been to the Orinoco I can't make a comparison! but we had a brilliant time, and saw our part of Spain from a completely different perspective, the river is home plenty of wildlife including kingfishers, herons and to the dismay of the teenage girls -  spiders. 


roddy's new edition

These roddy&ginger screen prints have sold really well so I have started a new edition in chocolate and spruce which is a soft bluey green. The prints are now available in spruce, olive or blue. The first batch is destined for frank in Whitstable who have sold lots of my prints and bags over the busy summer months - thank-you frank!!. 


happy find

Back home again, and here's something very english. I was cheered up by these vintage programmes waiting for me in the post box. I found them at stevensstuff on etsy and fell for the lovely flat colours and joyous illustrations. 

things I like about Spain 2 - village mural

I love this mural of the village, it has been on the wall of the old school building for as long as we have been coming here and provided the first inspiration for my spanish village prints. Every year it gets a bit more crumbly but I hope it always remains, I'll be very sad if it disappears.


things I like about Spain - La Moda

One of the many reasons to visit our nearest city, Girona. La Moda, a tiny shop that sells everything you will ever need for sewing. The shop is always busy and the service meticulously helpful so be prepared for a long wait while you take in the thousands of buttons and threads on offer. The window display is a delight, this month it was a fine display of fans.
La Moda, Placa del Vi. 13 Girona


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