spain 4 ... wind

it was the right sort of wind on the beach for kite surfing and the right sort of wind for the coolest sunshade ever - an extendable tent pole, a white sheet and some clothes pegs.


spain 3 .... vintage

There is a very robust, larger than life quality about the vintage furniture to be found near us in Spain which I love. If I had a giant shed to furnish this is where I would go. Ultima Parada (Last Stop) housed in a vast old ceramics warehouse on the road to La Bisbal. They sell a fine selection of industrial relics, sturdy tables, chairs and eclectic lighting. They also have their own elegantly scruffy cafe, DejaVu where the very chairs you are sitting on are available to buy, and from the end of September a sunday flea market.


spain 2 ... gardening

we set out to buy a lemon tree and were distracted by the dahlias and the giant cacti at the garden shop. We have a cactus in the garden which very occasionally flowers in the dark to attract the moths and night insects - quite spooky but very beautiful.


spain 1....escape

it was hot so we spent the day in the hills above Girona, we drove up and up until we reached... a giant mobile phone mast ... oh well. On our way down we had a picnic near this ramshackle cottage with its own tiny chapel, the perfect escape and a very good signal!


while I was away

I have returned from my holiday in our sleepy Spanish village. Usually I make a few blog posts while I am away but this year things haven't worked out.  Blogging from my iPad proved too much of a challenge (someone tell me how!! do I need an app?) and our ancient laptop was continually occupied by the 10 to 20 year olds who seem to spend life nose to screen. But most of all, this year has been busy and a bit difficult so I think I needed the break. I took lots of pictures so will be catching up with a few Spanish themed posts over the next week or so.

While I was away...
The courgettes on the allotment are still too tiny to pick - whats been going on?!
The Olympic games came and went, we watched some of it on a postcard sized TV. London looked amazing.
I was here on the lovely lottieloves blog, thank-you Charlotte!
I have a new stockist,  BooVake in Scotland, thank-you Arlene!
Here's this months horoscope illustration for  Red magazine - happy birthday Virgos!


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