happy easter


new jug

I love a bit of studio pottery and fell in love with this big, chubby Rye pottery jug/vase thing.


house story

Yes, I know that geometrics are the big thing right now but try as I might to come up with a design that I am happy with that doesn't have a face or feathers or branches it just doesn't feel like me. This one bridges the gap I think, simple shapes with just enough story. Heres a sneak preview of work in progress - colour sampling on barkcloth and trying it out as a wallpaper. A bit of fine tuning is required and screens to be remade as I got the separations wrong first time, but I hope to have a small collection ready for Pulse in May.

I would love to know what you think!


a chilly ram

For a very brief moment we thought spring was on it's way, we were fooled, freezing temperatures are back and yes, it is snowing outside. Good job this chap is wearing a chunky jumper. This months illustration for Red Magazine. Happy birthday to all you Aries!


mother's day

It's mother's day, and here is my mum looking the picture of elegance, she was and still is very beautiful. I think this was taken in Rome by my dad in the '50s - how glamourous!

Meanwhile flash forward, and la vita has not been so dolce here, things have changed in our tall skinny house and instead of a neat square we are now a triangle.

However, I am glad to say that of all the shapes we could be, triangles are the strongest which is a very good thing. I have my lovely twins happily living at home even though they are grown up 21year olds. Flash forward another five years and I will probably be thinking - will they ever leave!? but right now I consider myself to be the luckiest of mums x


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