back to school for roddy

There was a lot of owl action in the woods in Wales, it was quite magical to listen to them hooting to each other in the dark just above our heads. Everybody loves an owl and there are plenty of lovable owl cushions around (my favourite at the moment is this one from from Robin and Mould ) However, maybe there is room for one more so I am working on a big roddy cushion and hope to have it in my shops next week. In the meantime I have put a little roddy pencil case in my Etsy shop ready for back to school.


  1. I'm a big fan of your Owls, but the one from Robin and Mould is really cute too!
    These pencil cases are terrific!


  2. Oh goodness. Thanks so much. We've followed you for ages and always loved your things! If you should ever fancy a trade you know where we are...

  3. yes indeed! I have my eye on your little doggy cushion it looks just like Otis, I'll be in touch!



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